Virginia vs Duke. A comedy of errors

The Virginia Cavaliers may have a stellar defense, but to say they have an offense to match it would be comical at best. The Cavaliers shot a horrendous 33% from the field and only score 49 points. Their defense however showed up. Holding the Blue Devils to 59. Which was a drastic drop from the 96 they scored more than 24 hours ago against Pitt.

Duke shot below 43% but hit the shots that were needed and made the proper adjustments from their loss to Virginia 2 weeks ago.

While both teams are virtual shoe ins for the NCAA Tournament, the question would be who will go further. If today is any indication, then Duke should go pretty far while UVA will probably exit early, or midway through.

Regardless, as a Virginia fan I am still satisfied with their season thus far. A definite improvement over the last season where they were booted from the NIT Quarterfinals. Howvever, I am still frustrated with their lack of consistant big scorer and that is more of recruitment issue than anything. Coach Tony Bennett has a special system he uses and is deeply invested in. He will sacrifice talent to ensure his system works. Yeah, doesn’t make sense huh? Bennett will need to find some scorers evetually if he wants to keep his time in Virginia going.

With that said, we will now sit back, and wait for the Tournament brackets to be released. Let predictions begin.

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