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Poems of the moon

While I am on the subject of the Moon. I found this nice poem by the late E.E. Cummings. Hope you all enjoy it. Amores (III) there is a moon sole in the blue night amorous of waters tremulous, blinded with silence the undulous heaven yearns where in tense starlessness anoint with ardor the yellowContinue reading “Poems of the moon”

The Moon,

I took some nice shots of the moon last night. For the photographers who follow, I used my Canon EOS rebel T6 with a 75 MM lens. The setting was on 1/100-1/200, F was between 8 and 11, and my ISO was on 100. I was able to come out with some clear pictures. IContinue reading “The Moon,”

A letter on 9/11

This letter was written by Abraham Lincoln to Mrs. Bixby that was for condolences on the loss of her son during the Civil War. The Speech was actually read by Former President Bush at ground zero some years ago. It just felt appropriate with how I feel about the loss of loved ones. Washington, Nov.Continue reading “A letter on 9/11”

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