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Welcome to my site! I like post about hobbies, travels, and random things that are going on. I am a Vet who retired after 20 years and am now looking for new things to do and see.

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Annoyed at the Arizona Republic. I went Karen. Here is why.

I normally will read my news sources. Whether it be the Wall Street Journal, AP, Arizona Republic, and Reuters. When I finished reading these sources, I will go surfing in the Opinion section. They are quite informative but also can be subjective based the personal beliefs of the authors who are being published. I do…

A year absence.

I totally let myself go and didn’t even remember that I still had this. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since my last post, and I want to apologize. I have been up to a lot the last year and I will be posting all those adventures on here. From Korea to Virginia,…

Martin’s Automobile Museum.

This is probably one of the biggest automobile museums I have ever been to. It’s near Phoenix. There is a $10 donation you pay but the trip is worth it. The museum has quite a collection of vehicles from different eras and a few from famous TV shows and movies. Let’s take a look below…

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