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Rod Stewart’s “Sing it again Rod” A quick review of a 70’s masterpiece

in 1973 Rod Stewart was on top of the world. His solo career had taken off. No longer attached to past acts like “The Jeff Beck Group”, or “Faces” Rod was a man on his own. His last 2 albums “An old Raincoat won’t ever let you down”, and is follow up “Every picture tellsContinue reading “Rod Stewart’s “Sing it again Rod” A quick review of a 70’s masterpiece”

Montezuma Castle Park

Took a trip up there recently and was blown away by the designs of this place. Built around the 1100-1400 AD by the ┬áSinagua people. This 5 story and 20 room castle built in a cave was used for shelter. Ironically the name of the place isn’t even related to the people who lived inContinue reading “Montezuma Castle Park”

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