Flowers in an image and in a poem

Been slowly mastering the ability to become a photographer. Took some nice pics of flowers recently and was quite impressed with how they came out so beautiful. I figured I would post a few with the settings I am trying to remember I used. I also attached a poem I read recently and it fitContinue reading “Flowers in an image and in a poem”

Rod Stewart’s “Sing it again Rod” A quick review of a 70’s masterpiece

in 1973 Rod Stewart was on top of the world. His solo career had taken off. No longer attached to past acts like “The Jeff Beck Group”, or “Faces” Rod was a man on his own. His last 2 albums “An old Raincoat won’t ever let you down”, and is follow up “Every picture tellsContinue reading “Rod Stewart’s “Sing it again Rod” A quick review of a 70’s masterpiece”

Paul McCartney’s Tug of War A quick review

With the end of Wings, his Marijuana arrest, and John Lennon being murdered in 1980. It was clear that McCartney needed a fresh start. He was alone for the first time since his 1971 album “Ram On” and the Ex Beatle had released his underwhelming self produced “McCartney II” to lackluster views and minimal sales.Continue reading “Paul McCartney’s Tug of War A quick review”

Harvest Moon comes again

Fitting that September’s moon is called the Full Harvest Moon.  This full moon rises soon after sunset.  Imagine the days before electricity and you will realize how important that was. In fact it was very important as farmers used to keep working into the nights back in the day. Where did “Harvest Moon” get itsContinue reading “Harvest Moon comes again”

A photographer with a lot to learn

I had always loved to take pictures. Since I was young when we had those disposable cameras, I loved to take pictures. About 5 years ago, I began to develop more of a passion for it and had wanted to pursue it more. However, at the time I was in the military and didn’t haveContinue reading “A photographer with a lot to learn”

Zuzigoot National Monument. Some History and beautiful pictures

I took a little trip up north recently and went to the Zuzigoot Monument near Cottonwood, Arizona. The Zuzigoot Monument was a Pueblo ruin that about 2 to 3 stories at the time of its construction. Believed to be built between 1125 and 1400 CE by the Sinagua people. This building had few doors andContinue reading “Zuzigoot National Monument. Some History and beautiful pictures”