On this day 10 March

In 1969 James Earl Ray was convicted of the murder of Martin Luther King Jr.

Ray shot Dr. King on 4th of April 1968 in Tennesse. Dr. King was there to on behalf of the striking Memphis Sanitation workers. Ray would stay in prison until his death in 1998

In 2006 the Mars reconnaissance mission was launched Mars.

The formal science objectives of MRO are to:

  • observe the present climate, particularly its atmospheric circulation and seasonal variations;
  • search for signs of water, both past and present, and understand how it altered the planet’s surface;
  • map and characterize the geological forces that shaped the surface.

The two mission support objectives for MRO are to:

  • provide data relay services from ground missions back to Earth;
  • characterize the safety and feasibility of potential future landing sites and rover’s traverses.

The mission is continuing to this day save the stage for future successful missions.

In 1913 William Knox bowled the first ever 300 in the USBC Open Championship in Toledo

On this day in 1933, soon after Adolf Hitler became chancellor, the first concentration camp in Germany opened at Dachau, where at least 32,000 people would die from disease, malnutrition, physical oppression, and execution. If you want to short cut, click on the words and a Wikipedia with links will provide more detail on this horrible camp built..

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