Martin’s Automobile Museum.

This is probably one of the biggest automobile museums I have ever been to. It’s near Phoenix. There is a $10 donation you pay but the trip is worth it.

The museum has quite a collection of vehicles from different eras and a few from famous TV shows and movies. Let’s take a look below

The 1961 Chevrolet Corvette

A very beautiful ride. I even got to get inside or attempt to. It’s quite clear that this vehicle wasn’t made for guys that are 6’2 and almost 190 lbs. Whoops

The next ride isn’t even a brand vehicle. This vehicle was specifically made for the 1977 movie “The Late Show’ starring the late Art Carney and Lily Tomlin. A funny movie that I recommend you watch.

The next vehicle on display was from the famous TV show “Hogan’s Heroes”

This one is from one of the Transformer Movies. We all know and love Bumblebee

Below are a few more pictures that I took down there. If you are ever in Arizona, I highly recommend you go to this place.

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Retired from the Air Force 3 years ago after a successful 20 year career. Have been enjoying this new adventure I am on

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