4 Balls, 4 pockets. Where did the shot come from?

The origin of this is something that I have been unable to find. The first time I had heard of this shot was when I was reading Willie Mosconi’s “Winning Pocket Billiards”. Written in 1965 Mosconi gives us a beginner’s guide to learn how the basics of pool and how to make some simple trick shots.

The 4 balls and 4 pockets shot isn’t that hard really. The key to where to hit the ball.

Hit the ball 3rd from the left in the setup with a draw stroke on the cue ball. This will keep the cue ball out of the way of the balls.

Below is a video of the shot and how to hit it. Do it enough times and it becomes a piece of cake

More videos to come of some of these shots and how they are done

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