Arizona State basketball’s home opener win over Portland

Arizona State’s basketball team got off to a shaky start last Tuesday when they played a small school from Portland, Oregon. ASU won 76-60 but the game wasn’t the blowout I hoped.

Bobby Hurley clearly has his work cut out for him. After losing some of his talent to graduation and transfers last year, It was hoped that the team would rebound back. Sadly, I don’t see it happening very soon.
ASU certainly has talent and it showed in glimpses that night, but to win the Pac 12 it will take a lot more than talent. The team was flat on defense, allowing Portland open shots and second chance points. There was minimal ball movement on offense and a lot stupid shots that weren’t needed.

The team has the talent skill. From Kimni Lawrence, Alanzo Gaffney, and Marcus Bagley (Younger brother of NBA’s Marvin Bagley).

Like I said they have the talent but it’s clear the chemistry and strategy needs a little work.

Below I posted some pics from the game. I did some edits. Trying to saturate and provide some clarity to the pictures. Their home uniforms caused issues in the pictures.

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