Happy Birthday to the Marines

Today is the 245th birthday to the United States Marine Corps. Though I am retired Air Force I will always have an admiration and respect for those who chose to go to the Corps

The Marine Corp was established on this day in 1775 during the build up to the Revolutionary War. They were originally the Colonial Marines. However, on 11 July 1798 they became the Marine Corps that we know today.

Their mission is to;

  • Seizure or defense of advanced naval bases and other land operations to support naval campaigns;
  • Development of tactics, technique, and equipment used by amphibious landing forces in coordination with the Army and Air Force; and
  • Such other duties as the President or Department of Defense may direct.

While the Marines work closely to the Navy, they very much in every way their own military branch. The numbers of current active and reserve who are on duty is over 200,000.

Also, for some history buffs, I recommend looking up some of the following names that were leaders in the Marine Corps. Lets just say that when the time came, America sent their best.

Lt. Gen. Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller

Sgt. Maj. Daniel J. Daly

Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler

Col. John Glenn ( Nasa Astronaut and first American to orbit the earth)

Below I have posted a link from Business Insider that covers more on the these 4 and 7 more legends of the Corp. I also posted a link from Wiki just offers a brief history on the Marines.

Happy Birthday and SEMPER FI!!




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