Pool/Billiards. An idiot learning to be tricky Haha!! Jk

During the Pandemic last year, I relearned how to do some trick shots on my pool table. Of course being home all day because of a stay at home order for our state kind of allowed me the time to do these shots.

I grew up around pool tables my whole life. My father played it a lot and very good. Good enough to a point where did some hustling when he was very young. I was always intrigued by how he did those shots and tried to learn. However, I was little hard headed and my father wasn’t the most patient person when trying to teach them something.

Through the years though I began to play and learn as best as I can and would play my dad on occasions when I came to visit him.

Now, many years later. I find myself with my own pool table and enjoying the time I played with him as well. I reeducated myself on how to make certain shots. Through that I began to learn some trick shots along the ways. Below I post some videos for some enjoyment this weekend.

I hope everyone has a good week.

I will post more videos tomorrow. I didn’t realize I had a lot

A couple of shots as promised in these videos

4 Balls, 4 pockets shot
6 Balls, 2 pockets shot
Simple bounce off ball into the corner

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Retired from the Air Force 3 years ago after a successful 20 year career. Have been enjoying this new adventure I am on

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