Arizona State struggles in horrible loss to Washington State

Jayden Daniels behind shotgun

Arizona State had a rough going Saturday afternoon, losing to Washington State 34-21.

ASU turned the ball over on their first 3 drives, and the Cougars took full advantage of it by building a 28-7 lead. ASU was able to get a touchdown at the half but it would be the only real highlight of the day.
The Cougars continued to add to its lead. The Sun devils did score two more times in the 4th but the game had been well decided by then.

For Coach Herm Edwards it has been a frustrating and inconsistent season for him and his squad. From a promising season to a basic struggle in simple games, it has been anything but a fun time.

Coach Edwards on the sidelines tries to figure out what is going on.

At this point its clear that ASU isn’t going to be what fans have hoped they would be and with the recruiting scandal that involves Edwards, it shouldn’t be a shock if the school decides that it will be time for a coaching change. While Edwards has laid a good foundation down, it is clear that he may not be the one who can get this team over its glass ceiling.

However, there is still more games ahead and I could be wrong but time will tell.

Below are more pictures I took while attending the game. I was pretty satisfied with how all these pictures came out.

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