Friday Night High School Football, or a good excuse to take some pictures

A couple of Friday’s ago I went to a nearby high school called Mountain Ridge to watch some high school football. It had been many years since I have done that and since I didn’t have any kids I never considered going anyway.

However, when you are wanting to learn how to be a photographer, one of the first rules you are taught is carry your camera with you all the time. So, that’s what I did. I figured why not? I could watch a good game and get perhaps get some good shots as well.
The game was good at first but Mountain ridge ended up collapsing in the 4th. Final score was 34-20.

Below I took some shots from the game. I was using my Canon EOS Rebel T6 and I must admit I am looking forward to an upgrade in the near future. Dont get me wrong, I love the camera but am ready for an upgrade.

The Settings were on manual. I tried the movement setting but the images came out a little too bright for me. With manual I had to grasp the usage or shutter speeds and ISO settings. The Shutter speed was around 200-400, F Setting was about 7.1-8.0 and ISO was about 1200 for this occasion. Could have been better but I am satisfied with the first time results.

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