Ducks and Geese through a lens

Been taking a lot of photos of this park that is near my house. A beautiful a pond is right near our house and everyday there are ducks, geese, and doves that all meet up and relax pretty much.

I figured what better way to practice taking some shots then using the situation as an opportunity to learn and hone my craft so to speak.

I was using a Canon Eos Rebel T6 with a Canon EF 75-300 mm attached to it. This lens was so incredibly helpful. It would allow me to get shots up close without having to be literally up close. Geese tend to be territorial and I had no interest in dealing with them or a pissed off flock of ducks.

My shutter speed varied I chose to objects setting on my camera. I could have used manual but with the sun and shade varying I chose to allow the camera to process it better than I would have been able to.

Average Shutter speed 200-400

F 5.6-8.0

ISO about 800-1200

There were some pictures I had to delete but most of them I felt came out really well.

Below I posted some along with a little video of my other trips out there. Back ground music is The Dave Brubeck Quartet’s “Take Five” for any jazz fans who recognize it.

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Retired from the Air Force 3 years ago after a successful 20 year career. Have been enjoying this new adventure I am on

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