Rod Stewart’s “Sing it again Rod” A quick review of a 70’s masterpiece

in 1973 Rod Stewart was on top of the world. His solo career had taken off. No longer attached to past acts like “The Jeff Beck Group”, or “Faces” Rod was a man on his own.

His last 2 albums “An old Raincoat won’t ever let you down”, and is follow up “Every picture tells a story” established him as a premiere player for the early 70’s.

However, it would be his first compilation album “Sing it again Rod” That would catapult him to massive success at that time. While it was a little early in his career for a “greatest hits album” It didn’t mean that his catalogue wasn’t the least bit interesting at that point.

He had released a total of 4 solo albums at this point but he had built a nice little list of hit songs that you could enjoy without skipping a track.

The album was released on 10 August 1973. Number 1 in the UK and number 31 in the US.



3.Mandolin Wind

4.Country Comfort


6.Handbags And Gladrags

7.Street Fighting Man

8.Twistin’ The Night Away

9.Lost Paraguayos

10.I Know I’m Losing You

11.Pinball Wizard

12.Gasoline Alley

A combination of songs by Rod and covers of past artists from his previous 4 albums. I think what stands out to me isn’t the great play list, its the album cover itself.

The Album cover was created by Peter Corrsiton. A Grammy award winning graphic designer who was noted for making Album covers of other artists such as Badfinger, Mick Jagger, Led Zeppelin, and Tom Waits. The cover is an image of a glass with alcohol in it but behind it a facial of Rod himself. A pretty creative cover in my opinion

Overall as I mentioned that this greatest his album is a keeper and one you can listen to endlessly. Here is a sample of Maggie May.

Below are the links for more on the album. Also, you can link on the songs themselves to listen of learn more. A music review from AllMusic is also posted below

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