Zuzigoot National Monument. Some History and beautiful pictures

I took a little trip up north recently and went to the Zuzigoot Monument near Cottonwood, Arizona.

The Zuzigoot Monument was a Pueblo ruin that about 2 to 3 stories at the time of its construction. Believed to be built between 1125 and 1400 CE by the Sinagua people. This building had few doors and relied heavily on ladders as a way for people to move around. The ladders were attached to trapdoor like openings in the roofs to enter the rooms.

Discovered during an excavation in 1933-35 by Louis Caywood and Edward of the University of Arizona. It would take another year before the site would be available for public display.

On July 25th 1939, Pres. Franklin Roosevelt designated it as US National Monument. It would be listed officically on the National Register of Historic places on Oct 15 1966.

Just history on the place. Beautiful views all around the valley. Below I posted some pic as I am an amateur Photographer. Enjoy the view and leave a like or comment below.

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