March Madness, what a waste.

Well, Baylor won and congrats to them. However, to anyone who made a bracket, I am sorry you wasted your time. In fact only a small percentage had them winning at all. Also, no one picked them to win by 15, much less by one.

I picked Gonzaga and was stunned at last night’s outcome, In fact it was my only shock in tournament. With so many upsets and ass whippings coming out of left field, I was essentially numb when the championship game came around. I didn’t even watch the game between Baylor and Gonzaga. So to wake up the next morning and see this was my shock.

Regardless of the outcomes, it was nice to have College Basketball back. Even if it was a half ass tournament with so many upsets that had to Google just to know where these schools were coming from.

With that said, I will offer my congrats to Baylor. The college had fielded several quality teams over the years. To see them finally win it, even if it was one of the weakest tournaments ever (COVID could be used as an excuse but I won’t go there) you deserved the win and title.

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