Stone Temple Pilots’ Purple. No Sophomore slump here. A quick review

After the successful debut of their 1992 hit album Core, what where could STP go?

While most bands hit a Sophomore slump, the guys were hitting their stride with their follow up Purple.

This album is by far their best effort out of all of their work, and that’s my opinion of course. I mean it is one of those albums that you can listen to and not even want to skip a track. I mean how many albums do we own or know that you can safely say that (besides The Beatles).

Purple hit the airwaves on June 7th 1994. Going straight to number 1 on the Billboard 200 where it stay for 3 weeks. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive. Definitely a step up from their Core debut 2 years earlier. The album’s primary single, “Interstate Love songs” made it to number 22 on the Billboard 100, and spent a then record 15 weeks on the Billboard Modern Rock charts. Other singles released included “Big Empty” (which was used on the hit movie The Crow), “Vasoline”, “Unglued”, and “Pretty Penny”.

Sales were a little lower than Core but still sold 6 million copies in the US, but as previously mentioned still had much better reviews than its predecessor.

Purple still holds up after all these years and I was lucky enough to get the record itself to listen for memories.

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