Throwback to Hawaii Trip 2 weeks ago

Two weeks ago we got tested and cleared to go to Hawaii. It was only a 4 day trip but it was certainly a tripped needed after this last year of one of the worst pandemic in recent memory.

We decided to take trip and see how difficult it would be able to fly into Hawaii. We did the standard COVID test, were negative but also quarantined as well to be safe. After a quick check in at the airport, we were off. A 5 in half hour flight and some reading we arrived in Honolulu.

We checked into a nice hotel called the Hale Koa resort which is in the middle of Waikiki. What amazed me was the lack people around. Now granted we are in a pandemic but to see the streets and beach with so much less people than when we came out here in 2019 was surprising. With that said it was still a fun time. Hawaii, which does have some strict social distancing is still a relatively safe spot for travel. The businesses require masks (I am sure I wore a mask more in the 4 days there than I did at all in 2020). The beach isn’t a huge issue. The lack of people help the social distancing out greatly, which was good for us because that’s why we came out there in the first place

Our Room at the Hale Koa

Our view from the room during the evening

We did cruise down to a couple of restaurants but we mostly stayed at our room. Figured it would be better to mitigate some of our exposure. Most of the time was spent on the beach. I tell you, I would never get tired sitting on the beach. Whether it be morning, noon, or night. I just can’t get over the views that are here.

Did make a nice recording sitting at the beach. I could play this video in a loop and fall asleep to it.

It’s too bad that you cant find a good house to live in out there, I would never leave Hawaii again.

Well, that’s pretty much the sum of our trip. While I have no issues traveling in a pandemic, I am still going to practice with the masking and social distancing. Regardless, I will have respect for this virus. Hopefully, we will be able to get out of this by July 4th as President Biden established as a pledge but one can only hope.

Every one have a goodnight and if I don’t post tomorrow, then have a good weekend.


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