Life of the Vinyl Collector

One thing I have developed, is a hobby of vinyl. Yes, I know some people are asking. Why would I collect them when we have all these capabilities to listen to them through apps such as Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, or Amazon? Well, to be honest its more nostalgia and reminiscing memories.

The Hobby began in 2018 through a good friend was talking about a record/Vinyl he bought. I thought they had been out of style and was surprised that they even existed. He showed me what he bought that they are still circulating. We listened to one and just took me back to my childhood. Watching my mom clean house while listening to Billy Joel, Blondie, Joey Scarbury, or even the Bee Gees. It was at that moment that I wanted to start a collection of my own. I don’t know what drove me but I went online and bought nice little record player from Amazon. From there I just began to build my collection.

I purchased Albums that I know my mom and older sister had and then I found myself wanting to hear other albums that I had heard on Spotify. I don’t know that sound was just so clean to me, and I would find myself just sitting in my man cave just listening to Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Van Morrison. It made me appreciate those times so much more growing up. Even now when I listen to some vinyl, I always think about my childhood, sitting there with my sister or watching my mom do something around the house. I literally could sit for hours and listen to music.

As I continue this blog, I am sure I will be posting some of those Vinyl I own and ones that I may purchase. I don’t know why but I just love the original sound, and it appears a lot of Americans agree with me. According sales, last year and for first since 1986 Vinyl sales overtook CD sales by a wide margin, Source

Here are a few samples of my collection. If anyone is interested in wanting to learn more about my collection or just shoot the shit about records, leave a comment below. Have a goodnight.

Some Billy Joel, Van Morrison, Peter Gabriel, Rolling Stones, and Wings to name a few

Couple of videos from Huey Lewis, The Beatles, and The Doors

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