Hiking on the Thunderbird

Went on a nice little hike this morning. My better half was out getting her first Covid Vaccine which was great to know. I am still waiting on when I am eligible.

I take these hikes because of the view but also to clear my mind. I always have something running in my head. From the irrelevant to relevant. Most of the time irrelevant. However, I use this time to enjoy to air, the views, and remind myself of how lucky I am.

Normally I would only hike certain parts the area but today I had this urge to go to the top of the hill. It took about 30 min some stops because I would try my best at avoiding other hikers. I am not fond of crowds or being too close to people. A little PTSD from my past military experience and this pandemic isn’t doing me any favors as well.

While I was at the top, It was nice to see such beautiful views of the area. You could see the city of Phoenix, and the Cardinals’ Stadium from Westgate. Just amazes me how all this is right near me. You see, I grew up in Virginia. In the rural areas, kinda like what you would see from The Andy Griffith show. So to be out here and see these kinds of views will always be so inspiring and amazing.

Below, I added some pictures for some viewing enjoyment. In the future as learn how to navigate this I will providre more content and better quality to the blogs. I thank you for following.

View of Phoenix

View of Westgate

A small Video snippet of one of the views

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I am recently retired from the Air Force after 20 years and am beginning a new chapter in my life.

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