6 Balls, 2 Pockets shot

This shot is rather interesting and have been meaning to try it again. It involves 6 balls, and a rack. Once you line this up, you will need to use extreme draw on the ball. It will pull the ball back towards the single ball lined at the side pocket. The impact to the rackContinue reading “6 Balls, 2 Pockets shot”

Virginia vs Duke. A comedy of errors

The Virginia Cavaliers may have a stellar defense, but to say they have an offense to match it would be comical at best. The Cavaliers shot a horrendous 33% from the field and only score 49 points. Their defense however showed up. Holding the Blue Devils to 59. Which was a drastic drop from theContinue reading “Virginia vs Duke. A comedy of errors”

Virginia defeats North Carolina

Kadin Shedrick with a monster dunk The Virginia Cavaliers defeated the North Carolina Tar Heels by dominating the 2nd half. Led by ACC Defensive Player of the Year Rees Beekman and standouts Jayden Gardner, and Arman Franklin, the Cavaliers controlled the pace after a sluggish First half. The Cavaliers lead 25-24 at the half butContinue reading “Virginia defeats North Carolina”

Spring Training is here

For the first time in nearly 3 years I finally went to see some Spring Training Baseball. It was fun time and it was long overdue. The last 3 years I wasn’t able to. Covid and the amount of traveling my wife (which I thoroughly enjoyed) had kept me from being able to seeing someContinue reading “Spring Training is here”