Martin’s Automobile Museum.

This is probably one of the biggest automobile museums I have ever been to. It’s near Phoenix. There is a $10 donation you pay but the trip is worth it. The museum has quite a collection of vehicles from different eras and a few from famous TV shows and movies. Let’s take a look belowContinue reading “Martin’s Automobile Museum.”

Arizona struggles in a horrible loss to Washington State

Arizona State’s basketball team probably put on the worst performance I ever seen in the 4 years I have been following them. The Sun Devils put up a paltry 29 points in two halves of play, and some are starting to wonder what the hell is Coach Bobby Hurley doing. The Devils shot a horribleContinue reading “Arizona struggles in a horrible loss to Washington State”

Arizona State basketball’s home opener win over Portland

Arizona State’s basketball team got off to a shaky start last Tuesday when they played a small school from Portland, Oregon. ASU won 76-60 but the game wasn’t the blowout I hoped. Bobby Hurley clearly has his work cut out for him. After losing some of his talent to graduation and transfers last year, ItContinue reading “Arizona State basketball’s home opener win over Portland”

Arizona State vs USC highlights and pictures

Arizona State rebounded last Saturday to beat USC 34-16. Despite an early struggle, the Sun Devils were able to bounce back from that ass whipping they took to Washington State a week ago. Still some need some work but a much better game to watch this time. Took some pictures from the game. I feelContinue reading “Arizona State vs USC highlights and pictures”

Arizona State struggles in horrible loss to Washington State

Arizona State had a rough going Saturday afternoon, losing to Washington State 34-21. ASU turned the ball over on their first 3 drives, and the Cougars took full advantage of it by building a 28-7 lead. ASU was able to get a touchdown at the half but it would be the only real highlight ofContinue reading “Arizona State struggles in horrible loss to Washington State”

Friday Night High School Football, or a good excuse to take some pictures

A couple of Friday’s ago I went to a nearby high school called Mountain Ridge to watch some high school football. It had been many years since I have done that and since I didn’t have any kids I never considered going anyway. However, when you are wanting to learn how to be a photographer,Continue reading “Friday Night High School Football, or a good excuse to take some pictures”

A horrible night for Hockey, but a great night to get some pictures.

Well, last week we went to the Arizona Coyote’s home opener against the St Louis Blues and needless to say the Coyotes are in midseason form. It was a promising beginning when the they entered the 2nd period with a 2-1 lead but then Blues scored 5 goes in less than 10 min. Talk aboutContinue reading “A horrible night for Hockey, but a great night to get some pictures.”

Ducks and Geese through a lens

Been taking a lot of photos of this park that is near my house. A beautiful a pond is right near our house and everyday there are ducks, geese, and doves that all meet up and relax pretty much. I figured what better way to practice taking some shots then using the situation as anContinue reading “Ducks and Geese through a lens”

Flowers in an image and in a poem

Been slowly mastering the ability to become a photographer. Took some nice pics of flowers recently and was quite impressed with how they came out so beautiful. I figured I would post a few with the settings I am trying to remember I used. I also attached a poem I read recently and it fitContinue reading “Flowers in an image and in a poem”