On this day Mar 28

In 1979 the Three Mile Island nuclear plant station had a potential leak. It was the most serious accident in American Nuclear power’s history. The island is located on the Susquehanna River near the city of Harrisburg, PA. The accident occurred at 4:00 AM on March 28, when an automatically operated valve in the Unit 2 reactor mistakenlyContinue reading “On this day Mar 28”

A poem for the day.

A nice little poem I found about trees. It was written by Joyce Kilmer (1886-1918) Trees I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree. A tree whose hungry mouth is prest Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast; A tree that looks at God all day, And lifts her leafy armsContinue reading “A poem for the day.”

On this day in history March 23rd

A little quick history. Merriwether Lewis and William Clark began their trip to the pacific to explore the land from the “Louisiana Purchase.” The trip would be to see what purchased and what was out there. The deal almost went south when Pres. Jefferson questioned if what he was doing was legal at all. JamesContinue reading “On this day in history March 23rd”

Streetlife Serenade by Billy Joel

The follow up to his hit Album “Piano Man” falls flat but does show an early glimpse of the Piano Man’s potential. Released on October 11th, 1974, Billy Joel set out to follow up on his success after his hit single and moderately successful album “Piano Man”. Though the album sold a million copies andContinue reading “Streetlife Serenade by Billy Joel”

Tomorrow 20 years ago we the Iraq War began.

In 2003 we were deployed in Afghanistan for to dispose of Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban. When we also decided to invade Iraq on the questionable pretext the Saddam and Osama had been in correspondence and there was a possible link between them and 9/11. We now know that it wasn’t the case. SomeContinue reading “Tomorrow 20 years ago we the Iraq War began.”

On this day in history 13 March

On this day in history, the planet Uranus was discovered in 1781 by a French astronomer named Pierre Charles Le Monnie. Here are some known facts about our 7th planet. Structure and Surface In Kentucky on this day, Breonna Taylor, an African American EMT, was killed by Louisville, Kentucky, police officers as they burst intoContinue reading “On this day in history 13 March”

105 years ago, this month. The first case of Influenzas cases is recorded.

On this day the first cases of the Influenza Virus popped up at Fort Riley. What was initially perceived as something small would blow up into a major medical pandemic. The Virus had its start in the military barracks and prisons. It would spread throughout the country and eventually into Europe, and Asia. The PrimaryContinue reading “105 years ago, this month. The first case of Influenzas cases is recorded.”

On this day 10 March

In 1969 James Earl Ray was convicted of the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. Ray shot Dr. King on 4th of April 1968 in Tennesse. Dr. King was there to on behalf of the striking Memphis Sanitation workers. Ray would stay in prison until his death in 1998 In 2006 the Mars reconnaissance missionContinue reading “On this day 10 March”

On this upcoming day in history 12 March 1928 the St Francis Dam collapse

95 years ago today the St Francis Dam collapsed in the San Francisquito Canyon, California. The Dam collapsed due to design flaws and a defective soil foundation. Built in March of 1926 the Dam was intended to regulate and store as a reservoir for Los Angeles County. It was located 10 miles from LA andContinue reading “On this upcoming day in history 12 March 1928 the St Francis Dam collapse”