On this day 10 March

In 1969 James Earl Ray was convicted of the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. Ray shot Dr. King on 4th of April 1968 in Tennesse. Dr. King was there to on behalf of the striking Memphis Sanitation workers. Ray would stay in prison until his death in 1998 In 2006 the Mars reconnaissance missionContinue reading “On this day 10 March”

4 Balls, 4 pockets. Where did the shot come from?

The origin of this is something that I have been unable to find. The first time I had heard of this shot was when I was reading Willie Mosconi’s “Winning Pocket Billiards”. Written in 1965 Mosconi gives us a beginner’s guide to learn how the basics of pool and how to make some simple trickContinue reading “4 Balls, 4 pockets. Where did the shot come from?”