Arizona State vs USC highlights and pictures

Arizona State rebounded last Saturday to beat USC 34-16. Despite an early struggle, the Sun Devils were able to bounce back from that ass whipping they took to Washington State a week ago. Still some need some work but a much better game to watch this time. Took some pictures from the game. I feelContinue reading “Arizona State vs USC highlights and pictures”

Arizona State struggles in horrible loss to Washington State

Arizona State had a rough going Saturday afternoon, losing to Washington State 34-21. ASU turned the ball over on their first 3 drives, and the Cougars took full advantage of it by building a 28-7 lead. ASU was able to get a touchdown at the half but it would be the only real highlight ofContinue reading “Arizona State struggles in horrible loss to Washington State”

Friday Night High School Football, or a good excuse to take some pictures

A couple of Friday’s ago I went to a nearby high school called Mountain Ridge to watch some high school football. It had been many years since I have done that and since I didn’t have any kids I never considered going anyway. However, when you are wanting to learn how to be a photographer,Continue reading “Friday Night High School Football, or a good excuse to take some pictures”