Virginia vs Duke. A comedy of errors

The Virginia Cavaliers may have a stellar defense, but to say they have an offense to match it would be comical at best. The Cavaliers shot a horrendous 33% from the field and only score 49 points. Their defense however showed up. Holding the Blue Devils to 59. Which was a drastic drop from theContinue reading “Virginia vs Duke. A comedy of errors”

On this day 10 March

In 1969 James Earl Ray was convicted of the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. Ray shot Dr. King on 4th of April 1968 in Tennesse. Dr. King was there to on behalf of the striking Memphis Sanitation workers. Ray would stay in prison until his death in 1998 In 2006 the Mars reconnaissance missionContinue reading “On this day 10 March”

Virginia defeats North Carolina

Kadin Shedrick with a monster dunk The Virginia Cavaliers defeated the North Carolina Tar Heels by dominating the 2nd half. Led by ACC Defensive Player of the Year Rees Beekman and standouts Jayden Gardner, and Arman Franklin, the Cavaliers controlled the pace after a sluggish First half. The Cavaliers lead 25-24 at the half butContinue reading “Virginia defeats North Carolina”

Martin’s Automobile Museum.

This is probably one of the biggest automobile museums I have ever been to. It’s near Phoenix. There is a $10 donation you pay but the trip is worth it. The museum has quite a collection of vehicles from different eras and a few from famous TV shows and movies. Let’s take a look belowContinue reading “Martin’s Automobile Museum.”

Arizona struggles in a horrible loss to Washington State

Arizona State’s basketball team probably put on the worst performance I ever seen in the 4 years I have been following them. The Sun Devils put up a paltry 29 points in two halves of play, and some are starting to wonder what the hell is Coach Bobby Hurley doing. The Devils shot a horribleContinue reading “Arizona struggles in a horrible loss to Washington State”