Annoyed at the Arizona Republic. I went Karen. Here is why.

I normally will read my news sources. Whether it be the Wall Street Journal, AP, Arizona Republic, and Reuters. When I finished reading these sources, I will go surfing in the Opinion section. They are quite informative but also can be subjective based the personal beliefs of the authors who are being published.

I do my best to read it and compose my own thoughts and opinions. Two particular ones I would recommend for the WSJ are Holman Jenkins and William Galston. Anyways let’s move on to why I am writing this.

Most editorials and Opinion Columnists for other media outlets have provided their thoughts. All except the Arizona Republic. The Republic is an outlet of the USA Today but reports statewide news as well. The Republic has its own EB (Editorial board) and columnists. Now the columnists themselves aren’t too bad. Some of their pieces are quite informative and I have been satisfied with their analysis of our new Governor Katie Hobbs.

However, there is one thing that has been bothering me about their articles. Only one critical piece on the Biden Administration. There seems to be a hesitance on criticizing the short comings of this administration. With the exception of a piece written by Laurie Roberts on the border issues here where she actually criticized the Pres., there hasn’t been criticism or a peep about the recent discovery of the “classified documents” discovered.

My frustration is that when this happened to former Pres. Trump, there immense coverage and the EB’s here were offering commentary about it periodically. However, with this scenario, there has nothing but silence. Yes, the administration has notified the right personnel about the issue. However, the documents had been sitting there for years, and some were discovered in November but kept secret until after the midterms. I just kind of feel like that if Trump had done that, something would have been said.

Feeling this way, I chose to see if Arizona Republic EB or its columnists had offered anything on this? You know, seeing that this is happening to a current Pres. who had documents from his Boss’s administration when he was Vice Pres. Not a peep. No positive, and no criticism. It kind of disturbed me because it seemed like posting another wasted piece on Kari Lake and her crazy ass was more important.

This isn’t the first time I have had this issue. They also gave the Pres. a pass on the Afghanistan withdrawal. In fact, they were more upset with republicans for politicizing it, than the Pres. botching it.

I understand Opinion pieces, and I get that they are subjective. However, when you are trying to bury this by not offering an opinion of any kind, then something is wrong. These are the same columnists who posting nonstop about trump, the former Gov., and any republican in this state or nationwide.

So, I chose to write a letter to the manager. I wanted to see why there was silence on this. Everyone knows that this is kind of a big deal. Will the Pres. get into any legal trouble? Probably not, and I am not upset about that. He will pay politically for the hypocrisy.

Below is my letter. Have a laugh, a cry, or just enjoy a read. Have a good week.

Dear Editorial,

I am curious as to why there has been no opinion offered or published about Biden’s classified documents discovery. He had them in his home, some were discovered back in November and not reported.

While there have been stories published about it by the republic. I find the silence from the EB columnists rather disappointing. The fact that they keep writing obsessively about Kari Lake who cleanly lost the election and obsessing over Gosar (who I agree shouldn’t be in office) I find that choice to give Biden a pass for his errors really disturbing. With the exception of the piece on the border written by Ms. Roberts, there hasn’t been any criticism on the Biden Presidency itself. It seems only soft coverage or just ignore it.

I understand that Opinion pieces are subjective, but there is a thin line between subjective and just being plain biased.

The former Pres. got caught having classifieds in his home and has been rightfully investigated and criticized. This current Pres. is getting investigated but is also being given a pass by parts of the media and EB’s such as yourselves. I guess what I am asking is, why?

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